Why the World’s Deadliest Terrorist Group Is Training Girls to Be Suicide Bombers

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The Rabbis of the Mishnah taught: “Who is wise? The person who learns from all people.” I came across this little article in “Teen Vogue,” which Emily subscribes to and which sends me emails. Perhaps “Teen Vogue” is a somewhat unlikely source of information and enlightenment, but that is the point, of course.

To call these Boko Haramniks anything but criminals is an insult to actual freedom fighters and guerillas, whatever politics they espouse. It’s hard to imagine that anyone could possibly learn anything from such defective people. And yet, here’s something: hate can’t be compartmentalized. Hating infidels and hating women are separated by only one small step. And there’s no end to this list. Hating LGBTQ people shares an armrest with hating African-Americans. And hating others cannot be separated from self-hate, self-loathing, self-punishing anger.

The Book of Deuteronomy adjures us to “love your neighbor as yourself.” A very dangerous idea. The Torah is the world champ of irony, and God has a very, very dry sense of humor. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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