When Bernie Sanders ran against me in Vermont

Kunin’s article is insightful, revealing and challenging. But there is an elephant in the living room. How is it possible that in her discussion of the impact of a woman, Clinton, and an African-American, Obama, on American politics, Kunin has nothing at all to say about Sanders becoming the first Jewish-American president?

I’m not sure if this is such a big deal to Sanders, but this is one of those questions that the principal doesn’t get to answer; others will have opinions and make decisions with Sanders’ identity in mind, whether Sanders or his supporters like it or not. Whatever he thinks, to nearly everyone else Sanders’ Jewishness will have an impact, and it won’t necessarily be positive. This makes Kunin’s oversight even more curious. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

Referenced article: https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2016/02/04/when-bernie-sanders-ran-against-vermont/kNP6xUupbQ3Qbg9UUelvVM/story.html

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