Were Hebrews Ever Slaves in Ancient Egypt?


So amazing, and exciting, to see some of the increasing evidence for the historical accuracy of biblical account of the Exodus. Biblical archaeology is one of the most tendentious of all fields of study precisely because there are such yawning gaps in the historical record that almost any scholarly argument is an argument from silence.

But all this misses the real point, IMHO. The truth of the tale of the Exodus is found on the level of story and myth. As many have remarked, the domain of how, what, when, and where, the realm of fact, belongs to science and history; the domain of why and who, the domain of story and myth, however, properly belongs to religion and philosophy.

When it comes to the historical and natural material recounted in the Bible, if you want to know what happened, how it happened, or when it happened, ask Hawking, et al; if you want to know what it means, ask your rabbi. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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