Walmart Faces Backlash Over Israeli Soldier Halloween Costume

This is hysterical! It’s a costume! It’s make believe! It’s let’s pretend! And now it’s political, too. Are kids now prohibited from masquerading as cowboys on the grounds that cowboys took Native American lands? Should Pilgrim costumes be banned because the Pilgrims ate the turkeys which by rights belonged to Native Americans? Should our daughters refrain from dressing up as ballerinas because ballerina costumes promote an anorexic, unreal body image? Should we prohibit candy treats because eating sugar promotes tooth decay and obesity? Should we accept trick-or-treaters dressed as freedom fighters such as suicide bombers or ayatollahs? These geniuses who take exception to an IDF soldier costume are treating Israeli soldiers as kind of stereotype, a stand-in for “Israeli.” Listen. We know what you’re trying to do. It doesn’t fool anyone any more. —Kerry Baker

Read the article in Haaretz:

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