Two-Party System Is Trash

“Whether you like Bernie or Hillary, I think we can all agree that the two-party system is trash. And anybody who loves the two-party system and who loves the Democratic party is ultimately trash,” Koenig said.

So says Ezra Koenig, presumptive Jew, leader of the rock band Vampire Weekend and super-involved supporter of Bernie Sanders. Ezra, please tell us what you really think of people who disagree with you. When the Sandernistas aren’t whining, they allow their judgmental and demeaning delusions to overwhelm their decency and respect. So sad.

Whatever happened to the old American tradition of losing gracefully and treating your opponent with respect? I know how quaint I sound when I refer to such values, which today are only found in time capsules. And yet our nation’s political life has never needed traditional civic virtues more than it does today.

The Sandernistas are not any worse than the Trumpeters, I suppose, but they’re not any better, either. I’m so glad that Bernie has been deeply influenced by Saul Alinsky, the master of community organizing. Now if he would only read and learn from Rabbi Israel Salanter and other masters of the Musar (ethics) movement in Judaism, too. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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