The Sad Decline and Fall of Bernie Sanders


Here’s the thing about Bernie. He’s not a pragmatic politician and never has been. He’s not motivated by practical, incremental improvement but by ideological “revolution.” For Bernie and the Sandernistas the opposition doesn’t just disagree; they are the disingenuous apologists for a corrupt, exploitative system. They’re the representatives of the nobility, the bosses.

What are the effects of this type of thinking? There can no common ground with such dupes of the privileged. Their policies are meant to hide their real interests, their professed values are empty and false. For the Sandernistas Clinton supporters are not just wrong, they’re bad and unredeemable. To engage with them constructively would be like dancing with the devil.

This sort of disrespect is dysfunctional because it is really arrogance disguised as principle. The Sandernistas are unable to find any value in Clinton or her supporters. They swallow every Republican lie, half-truth or misrepresentation about HRC; the GOP could not find a better bunch of dupes to do their work than the Sandernistas. They are unable to cooperate with Clinton supporters because they don’t believe there might be anything worth learning from them. It’s too bad that Bernie has been unable to share this Hebrew school lesson with his acolytes: as the Rabbis of the Mishnah taught, “Who is wise? The person who learns from everyone.” —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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