The grim reality of a suicide bomb

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“Suicide bombers” belong to the avant garde of evil today. The death, destruction and pain they cause can’t really be described, but this article has some useful material. And it’s good to remember that many of their fellow Muslims are among the victims of these demonically possessed miskeinim.

But this article also makes me wonder: why does it take a terrorist act directed against Muslims to convince the British media to cover suicide bombings when they are eerily silent about suicide bombings against Israeli and Jewish victims? Could there be a touch of revisionist historical memory confusion at work? We’ll call it “King David Hotel Syndrome, which in the minds of some Brits may exempt Israelis from sympathetic understanding when they are victims of terrorist bombings themselves.

The bombing of the King David Hotel was a huge scandal for the British. It was an embarrassment for the British national psyche. The British lied and manufactured evidence to paint the Israelis as guilty for the military officers who died, when in fact they warned the British to leave the hotel before the bomb exploded. Evidently suicide bombings with Israeli victims provide the English with an opportunity for payback, and to further demonize the Israelis they highlight an instance, however rare, of Muslims suffering in a similar way.

They general strategy, as noted by many, is to make Israeli/Jewish and Palestinian/Muslim suffering equivalent, and to minimize Palestinian/Muslim terrorist behavior and to exaggerate and mischaracterize Israeli actions. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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