Temporary Taboos Against Anti-Semitism

The temporary taboos against anti-Semitism created by the Holocaust have weakened over time, as we all expected they would. But this problem has been accelerated, deepened and globalized by decades of delegitimization of Israel. We know, as MLK knew, as Israel bashers salve their consciences by denying, that what is said about Israel is applied to Jews as a group. The anti-Israel tropes mirror the tropes of anti-Semitism; as it has become increasingly acceptable, or at least common, to say the most outrageous things about Israel, all the old themes of anti-Semitism have resurfaced. Hatred of Jews never disappeared, it was only driven underground by the weight of the Holocaust. This proved to be only a temporary respite. How many times in Jewish history have periods of oppression and periods of tolerance alternated? When did we forget this? When will we put aside our childish refusal to see the reality before our very eyes? —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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