Rabbi’s Letter To Kerry

kerryvideohalfIt’s so confusing for us Jews to listen to people like this “pastor” and understand who the Christians are. It must also be confusing for Christians to hear about the “rabbis” referred to in this YouTube clip and be clear about who we Jews are. My suggestion? You Christians have to take care of these “pastors,” and we Jews have to take care of these “rabbis.” You have a much tougher job; the people who send such open letters to Secretary Kerry are definitely on the fringe of the Jewish community, even in Israel, but “pastors” like the one in this video appear to represent the largest and fastest-growing segment of the Christian community in the United States, if not around the world. And his comments about Pope Francis are appalling! BTW, for those who need an English-to-English translation: among the many names and other words that this “pastor” cannot read without stumbling are Maimonides and Che Gueverra. Just so you know.

See: Rabbi’s Letter To Kerry

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