Rabbi Slams Donald Trump — and Israel — in Muhammad Ali Funeral Speech

It’s not that Michael Lerner is politically progressive or liberal, so am I. It’s not that Michael Lerner is a theological liberal, so am I. It’s not that Michael Lerner is passionate, at times even even zealous, so am I. No, this is my problem with Michael Lerner: he mistakes subjecting hundreds of mourners to a litany of warmed-over left wing bromides with speaking truth to power. It takes real homiletical art to interweave passion and politics with compassion and comfort. Lerner is an ideologue who couldn’t find the human heart in the midst of a community of mourners who share the same loss with both hands and a flashlight. Michael Lerner has never been much about finding light in the midst of darkness; he would much rather generate friction and heat. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

Read more: http://forward.com/news/breaking-news/342517/rabbi-slams-donald-trump-and-israel-in-muhammad-ali-funeral-speech/#ixzz4D7wwy7Iw

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