Oy vey! Enough of Trump.

I didn’t know Dana Milbank is Jewish. He’s been one of my favorite political analysts for a long time, even before this public demonstration of Yiddishkeit. Who knew? Beneath that rational, analytical and incisive commentator’s demeanor beats a Yiddisher neshumah full of mamaloshen-laced vitriol that has been the iron dome of the Jewish People long before the actual Iron Dome existed. After all, how does a People without an army, territory or common language survive in a world in which many would simply prefer that it disappear? When you don’t have swords you can sharpen, the only things left to sharpen are your tongues and your minds. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

Referenced website: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/oy-vey-trump-is-such-a-putz/2015/12/22/4576edb0-a8de-11e5-bff5-905b92f5f94b_story.html

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