Non-Islamic Chicago Schoolgirls Don Headscarves In Show of Support For Muslim Classmates

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What a beautiful act of solidarity! The students doing this have certainly hit the multi-cultural nail on the head. But these are kids, so their naïveté can be excused, their teachers, not so much. Isn’t it a part of the lesson that these girls would not be permitted to attend school in many parts of the Muslim world? Wouldn’t it be important to note that female students are permitted, even encouraged to raise their voices in the West, while in some parts of the Muslim world girls who try to raise their voices find their voices suppressed, even violently so? It’s legitimate, even necessary to point to anti-Muslim stereotyping and create a culture of support for fellow Muslim students. It’s also legitimate, even necessary to point out the ways that cultures can be responsible for egregious moral and human rights failures at the very time those cultures encounter similar wrongs perpetrated against them. The world is full of paradox, complexity and nuance, and that is something that ought to be taught in our high schools, if we want education and not mere indoctrination. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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