Arizona mayor has rabbi escorted out of town council meeting so they can pray to Jesus (VIDEO)

The irony of removing the rabbi from the council chamber when she objects to a sectarian invocation, followed by turning 180 degrees to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, is the very definition of irony. Or is it that after the mayor states that his prayer asking for the guidance of Jesus doesn’t reflect the beliefs of the council members and that he would stand while he gives the invocation and that nobody else has to follow suit, but as soon the mayor stands in fact everybody stands. Evidently the council members do agree with the sentiments expressed by the mayor. Evidently no one noticed the hypocrisy of a mayor, who laments the abridgment of his religious freedom by a government kowtowing to “secular humanism” and “political correctness,” used the coercive power of the city government to remove the rabbi who has the temerity to object. The rabbis had a saying: “Your ears should hear what your mouth is saying.” —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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