Analysis: Who is stealing Palestinian land?

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Here’s the next installment in my on-going series entitled “Where’s the Outrage” or “Tales of the Anti-Israel Hypocrites.”

When the Israeli government appropriates modest parcels of land to improve the effectiveness of the security fence, there is a huge outcry from the usual suspects declaring it an “Israeli land grab.” I think the situation is more complicated than that, but whatever your opinion of land expropriation, what do you think of redirecting land meant for the Palestinian people in lieu of back pay for Hamas civil servants?

This land comes from the settlements left behind by the Israelis when they withdrew from Gaza. What had the Palestinians done with this land in the decade or so they controlled it? Nothing. Was this windfall acreage used to benefit the Palestinian people? Are you kidding?

Hamas has been squeezed by Egypt relentlessly and its revenues have fallen precipitously, enough so that they have been unable to pay their “civil servants” for a year or more. Hamas finally decided, with the connivance of the Palestinian Authority, to give this land to their employees who would own it privately. To paraphrase crocodile Dundee, “That’s not a landgrab. THIS is a landgrab!”

I’m waiting for the first member of the UN, or one or another of the self-righteous NGOs, to say word one about this confiscation. I’m afraid that the wait will be a long one, if history is it any guide. There’s nothing particular in the Islamophobic toolkit about the rapacious, money grubbing behavior of the Palestinians and the Arabs. On the other hand, one of the most useful implements in the anti-Semitic toolkit is the avaricious, money-grabbing Jew. Does Shylock come to mind?, this is one of the main tools, and has been so for eons.

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