Abbas reiterates: All of Israel is ‘occupation’

Some chacham (genius) will argue that Abbas doesn’t mean it; it’s just a statement directed internally to placate his base. I don’t believe it, since this statement conforms to the concept of “dar es Islam,” (the House of Islam). Islam holds that once a territory has been conquered by Islam, Muslims may not permit it to come under governance by infidels once again. Muslims are required to conduct jihad (holy war or struggle) to reclaim it if such a disaster occurs.

But we’ll let this pass for now in light of the following question: when will we take the insane genocidal threats of the Hitlers of this world seriously? Haven’t we learned, repeatedly, that murderous tyrants like Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Charles Johnson. Idi Amin and many others intend to carry out their genocidal threats? Haven’t we learned yet that real people die and real nations are obliterated when we attribute humane values to those who declare, without embarrassment, that they don’t share those values? 9/11 caused a re-evaluation of America’s blissful and willful blindness to the evil that stalks our planet, but only a partial one. —Rabbi Kerry Baker

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